Communication Protocol

Please use the following guidelines in regards to communicating with coaches and administration.

  • Get to know the Coach
  • If you need to speak to a coach please follow the procedure that they have established.
  • Do not approach a coach after a game
  • A meeting with the coach needs to be scheduled.
  • Encourage your student athlete to initiate conversations themselves with coaches; they are the most productive meetings that happen in athletics.
  • If you have questions about playing time be sure to follow the coaches guidelines about approaching the topic
  • Don’t let frustrations fester, develop a bridge of communication with the coach
  • Keep in mind that the Athletic Director does not make player personnel decisions, that includes playing time and cuts
  • Even when you disagree with the coaches it is essential to try and maintain a positive attitude when speaking with your child about the team and the coaches.

Chain Of Communication

  1. Make an appointment to speak with the coach
  2. If you are not satisfied and the conversation does not involve playing time or game strategy make an appointment to speak with the athletic director
  3. If you still need clarification make an appointment to speak with the principal